Perfect Strangers Guest Cast

The guest cast for seasons 1-6. It can be interesting to see how some of the actors played two different characters in different episodes! Remaining seasons will come. "Snow Way to Treat a Lady," "Aliens," "College Bound," "The Gift of the Mypiot," "Hocus Pocus," and "Maid to Order" are missing. Also note that not all links will work.

Marla AdamsMrs. LyonsSpeak, Memory
Kim AlexanderMrs. HendersonThis Old House
Lynn AlexanderCookieWeekend at Ferdinand's
Newell AlexanderBilly Joe BobA Catered Affair
John AndersonGrandpaGrandpa
Sam AndersonClerk at BankCheck This
Don AmendoliaKing FerdinandWeekend at Ferdinand's
Dante D'Andre?Since I Lost My Baby
Lee ArenbergNight School Confidential
Vinny ArigoLouHappy Birthday
Lewis ArquetteGet a Job
Micheal AyrMr. HendersonThis Old House
Sue BallElaineHello Elaine
Rowena BalosWomanCome Fly With Me
Norman BartoldMr. EndicottHigh Society
Elaine BartoloneCustomerThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Deborah BensenKaty's MotherTwo Men and a Cradle
Gregg BergerThe ClerkThe Lottery
Jack Bernardy?xAll the News That Fits
Raye BirkMr. McNultySafe at Home
Frank BirneyDennis
Tux for Two
High Society
Gary BolenGuestHome Movies
Eddie BorthDMV ExaminerBaby You Can Drive My Car
Teresa BowmanDarla WayneThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Jimmy Bridges Jr.CalvinBlind Alley
Rhonda BrittenStudent #1See How They Run
Richard BroseHunkHunks Like Us
Carol BruceDennis's Nana
Mrs. Endicott
Tux for Two
High Society
J. P. BumsteadVegetarianCome Fly With Me
Terry BurnsThe AnnouncerGood Skates
Brian ByersStaff ExecutiveThe Selling of Mypos
Ava Cadell?Picture This
Joshua CadmanFootball PlayerTeacher's Pest
Micheal CaldwellWaiterThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Brian CarpenderThe Matre'dThe Break Up
Gerald CastilloEx SmokerCome Fly With Me
Danny CastleHot DogDigging Up the News
Guy ChristopherWalt
Mr. Hughes
Seven Card Studs
Here Comes the Judge
Greg CollinsTaking Stock
Ann ConveyExecutive AssistantThe Selling of Mypos
Lisa CoppenoleWomanHunks Like Us
Jeff CoreyleTaking Stock
Robert CornthwaiteBobo SeniorHigh Society
Bill CortReverend BaconWedding Bell Blues
Pat CranshawStreet PersonHappy Birthday
Peter CrombieMr. JonesThe Graduate
Ron DeanCheif NewtonGreat Balls of Fire
Chuck DeLanoChuck PanamaPiano Movers
Diane DeLanoFlameThat Old Gang of Mine
John Del RegnoVince LucasCan I Get a Witness
The Pen Pal
William DenisDr. TierneyA Horse is a Horse
Alfred DennisGuntherA Catered Affair
Donna DentonWendyBabes in Babylon
John DiSantiThe Irate PassengerCome Fly With Me
Mary Anne DorwardDianeFirst Date
Jim DoughamGuardThe Break In
Defiant Guys
John DraymanThe WaiterSpeak, Memory
Mary Ellen DuncanBrideCome Fly With Me
Marj DusayLenora DumontDoor to Door
Paul EidingThe Speaker of the HutWeekend at Ferdinand's
Neil Elliot?All the News That Fits
Greg FinleyOfficer FinleyHappy Birthday
Earl FinnGrowling BikerThat Old Gang of Mine
Bradley FisherStage ManagerDigging Up the News
Charles FrankJack ColpeyJust a Gigolo
Richard FrankThe Break In
FridaySupridesDog Gone Blues
Troy FrominStudent #2See How They Run
Erica GayleMarie TwinkecettiLadies and Germs
Steven GilbornHerbThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Mary Gills?The Rent Strike
Craig GiniStudent #2Teacher's Pest
Mary Pat GleasonBettyA Catered Affair
Bob GoenBink WarmingtonGames People Play
Lorry GoldmanLou Miller
Doug Perkins
My Lips Are Sealed
Assertive Training
Terence GoodmanDuke LyleThe Unnatural
Gerald GordonSexual Harassment in Chicago
Alan GrafRichard
First Date
Get a Job
James GreeneTux for Two
Anthony GrumbackDelivery ManHappy Birthday
Harriette HallDental AssistantTooth or Consequences
Alan HanfreetTaking Stock
Dale HarimotoNewscasterThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Georgia HarrelTinaHappy Birthday
Michelle HarrelStenographerHello Elaine
James HamptonMac MacIntyreNightmare Vacation
Chris HendrieDrug AgentThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Amy HillRoyThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Ben HoagBoy [Cooper]Dog Gone Blues
Bobby HosenCustomerKnock, Knock.. Who's There
Richard Hoyt-MillerFederal AgentBlast from the Past
Micheal HungerfordThug #2The Men Who Knew Too Much
Rick HurstUncle ShaggyDigging Up the News
Jim IngersolManPicture This
Bobby JacobEddieTen Speed and a Soft Touch
Milt JaminMarealDefiant Guys
Stanford JensenMorgan GloverHe's the Boss
Karl JohnsonSnakeHappy Birthday
Matt JohnstonThug #3The Men Who Knew Too Much
Jessie JonesSheliaThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Nicholas KadiZoltanFamily Feud
Judy KainBetter Shop Around
Brandis KampThe Horn Blows at Midnight
Susan KellermanFat Martha?Get a Job
Dave Ketchum?Falling in Love is
Sue KihrMiss WiggansHere Comes the Judge
Freeman KingNight School Confidential
Robert KingMr. LyonsHello Ball
Randy KovitzKarate Kids
Cynthia Krummer?Falling in Love is
Richard KussCheif of PoliceCrimebusters
Helen LambrosSophiaGrandpa
Bob Larkin?The Rent Strike
Eva LaRue"A" StudentTeacher's Pest
Zane LaskyStage ManagerAlmost Live From Chicago
Bobbi Jo LathanActress "Lydia"Home Movies
Gene LeBellTaking Stock
Min LeeThug #1The Men Who Knew Too Much
Robert G. LeeDelivery ManThe Selling of Mypos
Here Comes the Judge
Little Apartment of Horrors
Tony "Tiny" Lester Jr.?Hello Elaine
Carl LewisCarl LewisYou've Got to Have Friends
Mathew LichtDonnie TwinkecettiLadies and Germs
Tina LiffordMrs. CooperDog Gone Blues
Tony LongoFat JackNight School Confidential
Rafeal ManroBurglarLifesavers
Kathryn MarcopulosKiki KaradopolisWedding Bell Blues
Scott MarlowMarco MadisonThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Kenneth Mars"Ace" AtkinsCall Me Indestructible
John MatuszakCobraThat Old Gang of Mine
Macon McCalmaDr. ShukinTooth or Consequences
Jack McGeePoliceman in BarCrimebusters
Ted McGinleyBilly AppletonMy Brother, Myself
Richard McGonagleAlderman ZittrellCrimebusters
Travis McKenneMr. VaughanDisorderly Orderlies
Terrence E. McNallyLemont CassidyThe King and I
Nancy McNarmaRed Headed WomanCome Fly With Me
Candi MiloGina MorelliHello Baby
Two Men and a Cradle
Gina MinerviniMariaHe's the Boss
Muriel Minot?Beautiful Dreamer
Lawrence E. MintzPhone ManBlast from the Past
Micheal MitzElliotThis Old House
Marianne MuellerleileAthenaGrandpa
Marcus MukaiKarate Kids
Warren MunsonJ. R. StanhouseThe Selling of Mypos
Jude MussetterKelly LangstonGames People Play
Mark NeelyBunkyThe Sunshine Boys
Tim NeilStage ManagerGames People Play
Marr NeilsonContestant #1Games People Play
Anna Nicholas?Picture This
James NobleMr. AppletonFather Knows Best
Timothy NoyesGuest #2The Men Who Knew Too Much
Bryan O'BryneFather KillianFinders Keepers
Raymond O'KeefePrison GuardProse and Cons
Noon OrsattiElaineGood Skates
Gary PagettCroupierBabes in Babylon
Catherine PaloneNurse BayleyDisorderly Orderlies
Sara PartridgeGirlFirst Date
Vanessa PaulInstructorPicture This
Ron PerkinsRoland YatesThe King and I
Tricha PetersFrenchieDigging Up the News
John PetlockMinisterFinders Keepers
Zack PhiferProcess ServerProse and Cons
Robert PierceGroomCome Fly With Me
Justin PinchotBartokBecause They're Cousins
Alison PorterTess HollandNew Kid on the Block
George PoulosGeorgeGrandpa
Judy PrescottStudent #1Teacher's Pest
Al PuglieseBetter Shop Around
Tony RaelIce Cream VendorThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Lisa RaggioPaula SilverDigging Up the News
Noreen ReardonCowgirlA Catered Affair
Kimmy RobertsonBetter Shop Around
Hank Robinson?The Unnatural
Mic RogersVideo VendorThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Tim RossovichGet a Job
Lynnsey RyanContestant #2Games People Play
Bill RyusakiKarate Kids
Karen Lynn Scott?Falling in Love is
Hartley SilverTicket AgentYou've Got to Have Friends
Marte Boyle Slout?Beautiful Dreamer
Diane Sainte-MarieBetter Shop Around
Charles SapiroNight School Confidential
Marty SchiffGet a Job
Robert SchuchDutchProse and Cons
Roger ScottYoung SnobHigh Society
David SederholmBill MaddenThe Break Up
Barbara SharmaTaking Stock
Stephane ShroyerHopeThis Old House
Darla SlavensGuestHome Movies
Marte Boyle SloutModeratorSee How They Run
Ebony SmithGirl [Cooper]Dog Gone Blues
Forry SmithHank PetersonDisorderly Orderlies
Robina SuwolThe MaidJust a Gigolo
Micheal StantonMuggerThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Mindy SterlingHostessFirst Date
Hank StrattonTux for Two
Chris TaylorMatt MinorThe Newsletter
Holland TaylorSexual Harassment in Chicago
Antonio ToddThe OrderlyDisorderly Orderlies
Brenda ThomsonSamGrandpa
Susan TrenchMrs. Van WiserDefiant Guys
Myra TurleySandraHappy Birthday
Reginald VelJohnsonCarl WinslowCrimebusters
Stephen VinovichCustomer
Knock, Knock.. Who's There
To Be or Not to Be
Andrea WaltersMrs. HollandNew Kid on the Block
Renee WedelGuest #1The Men Who Knew Too Much
John WelshDr. ShoreBlast from the Past
Allen WilliamsInsurance AgentLie-Ability
Ian Patrick WilliamsClive EnrightOut of Sync
Donald WillisSalesmanThe Men Who Knew Too Much
Robert Brian WilsonGuideUp a Lazy River
Steve WittingDelivery ManCheck This
Gene WolandeDirectorGrandpa
Don WoodardMilesTo Be or Not to Be
Harry WoolfMax
Group Leader
Happy Birthday
Up a Lazy River
George WynerMarvin BermanDog Day Mid-Afternoon
Blast from the Past
Charles YoungJakeProse and Cons
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